How to choose a custom software development company that knows what it is doing?

ustom software development is not an easy task and quite a number of companies who claim to be the best software development companies on the market, aren’t good at it. What this means is that you need to be able to choose the right software and web development company for your needs and requirements. How do you ensure this, is the big question.

Here are some ways and means to help you choose a company that can assuredly develop high performance software perfectly aligned with your needs and requirements.

Research is the Only Way Forward

Nothing comes easy in this world. You need to put in a whole lot of effort in order to guarantee that you get what you want. This fact remains true when it comes to searching for the right company that helps you build the best possible software your needs and requirements. You need to put in the much required time and effort to search for a list of companies that you think are the right fit for your needs and requirements. You shouldn’t just limit your search effort to Google, but should also trawl through the various expert discussion forums in order to know which are most talked about companies on the market and which software developers are the most highly regarded amongst the participants of the discussion forums.

Preparing the Shortlist

Once you have a list of companies, you are one step closer to choosing the right custom software development company. You can make a shortlist from your list of companies by going through the company website and zeroing in on those companies who you think have worked on projects that had similar requirements to yours. Remember, this is not the final shortlist, so you can utilize a collection of parameters to place the company in this shortlist. But what you must also remember is that you will need to personally contact the companies on your shortlist, so keep it manageable.

Contact the Company

This is essentially the final stage of your selection process. Once you have the shortlist of companies, you will need to contact them and interact with their management, as well as, development team. This will help you get an idea about their expertise and the kind of contributions that they make to your project. While having a one-on-one with them, you need to evaluate their enthusiasm, expertise, suggestions and idealization, with respect to your project. This will help you further trim down your shortlist, till finally you are left with the name of that one company who can help develop custom software that meets your needs and requirements.

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How Can An App Development Be Worth Hiring?

mobile app developmentApp development for your business can be very important since it will help to maximize the sales by targeting audience in a best way. App development services are offered by numerous companies but you will need to get the expert to covert you app dream in to some reality. However, it can cost you big bucks if you think to hire without thinking much. Hence, you must choose a company which is best in app development job. Any good app developer is bound to give you best results if he has a good track record. He should have platform knowledge to serve you and your needs and let you have happy customers. Choose a company that delivers you functional app which is beyond your expectations.

Any good company is incomplete without developers and designers and only experts can handle your project and do justice to the app project. Hunt for Development Company who has developers with vast experience in creating apps for various platforms and who can give you solutions as per your business needs. For this you may also check the developer’s qualification and experience to make sure the developer you picked is worth. They are professionals and experts because they have determination to give best at any cost. Any good company will give you complete inclusion into the stages of app development so that you keep on approving the work and suggest any alterations. This will also help to keep the lines of communication open and concerns can be easily addressed.

On the other hand, the development company should be able to offer you reasonable rates. Of course the features required in the app also determine the rates but they should be reasonable though. Any professional company will give you a free quote and let you to decide if you want to hire them or not. If the company is confident it will give you fair price quote.  You must also try to know what delivery methods they will choose. However, experts never worry about the scale or complexity of the app project. They take you to their process or strategy they will be using to ensure you get the exact idea what you’re looking for. You can search for various app development company’s portfolio to choose professionals and fetch out excellent app development services. Keep in mind; you must always pick a company which you can completely trust.

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Mobile Game Development

The way consumers game has changed drastically, the introduction of smart phones has allowed consumers to have thousands of games at their fingertips, rather than buying discs that cost £30 they are able to purchase game applications for your needs for a fraction of the price.

Mobile App Developers India Develop games for many genres, we aspire to develop amazing games that look and feel great, and above all quality is our number one priority. Our developers are highly skilled and understand what goes into making a chart topping game. We have years of experience in developing gaming apps for all platforms.

Our developers are familiar in many languages
Mac Platfrom
Our developers ensure that we produce only the best games, which is why we focus on interactive and immersive enviroments, rich graphics and easy to understand games.

Genre of games developed:
Role Playing
Nowadays many smart phones have up to date technology including, multi-touch, HD displays and accelerometers. This makes them a game changer in the market as consumers can get amazing and highly addictive games on their mobiles.

Believe it or not, the Blackberry platform is not just a business tool, it is actually very powerful in the gaming department, and with the right expertise your games will rival even the best Android and iPhone games.

The iPhone prides itself on being a strong gaming platform. Our Dedicated game developers utilise this and produce quality driven games. Our game developers work hard to ensure that your idea achieves its full potential and does not fall short in any department.

The Android OS prides itself on being a strong gaming platform. Our Dedicated game developers utilise this and produce quality driven games. Our game developers work hard to ensure that your idea achieves its full potential and does not fall short in any department.

Windows USP is that it allows connection to Microsoft’s xbox live, this opens up a entirely new consumer base and allows even more recognition of your applications. The Mobile entertainment and games market is becoming larger and better each passing day. Now, with updated Windows Mobile Platform, it has become more dynamic and thrilling.

Windows Mobile supports both 2D and 3D graphics. The extensive support for wireless communication like infrared, Bluetooth, LAN / WAN expand opportunities in multi-player game development.

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iPad Game Development

iPad is a Futuristic Gaming Arcade

Loaded with gaming characteristics

  • Digital gaming demands more space on screen and iPad has larger screen than iPhone thus it has more real estate for game lovers and game developers alike.
  • Games look attractive due to its graphics and iPad has tremendous graphic rendering ability so normal game display as glorious one.
  • Multi-touch screen of iPad provides an ingenious experience to the game players and touch their heart string to be addictive of the game.
  • Complex games always suck more horse power from its machines and iPad has an unbeatable A5 chips to provide it.
  • iPad is a sleek and handy device so it gives unprecedented mobility and allows its players to use in any condition and anywhere.


iBits Has


  • A well experienced, creative, reliable and well trained team of iPad game developers
  • iPad game developers are proficient in Objective C, C++, Cocos2d, Unity 3D, X-code and iPad SDK therefore they can create stunning animation sequences and mind boggling 3D effects which makes your games live.
  • Create intuitive and engaging games with touch of creativity.
  • Can create all kind of games whether it is single player or multiplayer.
  • Team of graphic designers that makes beautiful game environments and eye candy game backgrounds.
  • Developers offer smooth running games with lots of fun.
  • We offer market competitive price so it is anyone’s reach.


Now let’s sign NDA and you open up your idea with us so we can convert it into reality.


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iPad Development

“Those who don’t adopt the new technology always remain lag behind in the race of life”

Some facts about iPad
Apple sold 15.43 million iPads in the first quarter of its fiscal year 2012, which spanned 14 weeks and ended Dec. 31, 2011, a 111 per cent unit increase over the same quarter a year previous.
The App Store has more than 550,000 apps.
More than 170,000 of the apps are iPad specific

The above figures indicate the popularity of iPad in the market and simultaneously development of new market for iPad development. There are numerous companies offering iPad development services but the services of iBits are unmatched and un-parallel because iBits has collected the pool of iPad developers, which are famous for quality development.

Features of iPad that give new dimensions
iPad comparatively consists of larger screen than other Apple devices that provides a room for better graphic representation and UI rendering. Therefore iPad developers at iBits produce stunning graphics in their iPad development.

When you flip the screen accelerometer automatically adjust the screen content. Our developers take advantage of this feature into Games, Utility and Productivity apps and add new dimension in the functionality of the app.

It is a new generation of command which with one, two or three fingers touching built in to control different aspects of your apps and produce amazing experience of navigation.

With internet facility in iPad our iPad developers found immense opportunities to develop browser based web apps which perform the elegant functions which are normally not possible with native apps.

What We Have
Our developers are experts in Objective C, C++, x-code, Cocoa Touch, Unity 3D, iPad SDK and other tools required for iPad development.
Profound experience of iPad development so they can tackle iPad app development in any category.
Solid infrastructural facilities like latest hardware, genuine licensed software, latest gizmos to test the application and latest devices to communicate with clients.
Cost effective development so you will get the best quality with cheaper price.
Guaranteed approval on App store and Support for marketing
Excellent and cost effective maintenance services.
Migration services from other devices.

Our Services

iPad app development is one of the core services of iBits. Our application developers are with immense capacity to develop various iPad applications to fulfill the needs of our clients. They are capable to develop iPad apps in different categories.
iPad has innovative hardware therefore its software should be innovative. We make software that leverage iPad usage at next level.
Games are popular among the all age folks. iPad offers next level gaming experience through its graphic rendering ability, its screen size and its fast processor. You can get mobility at some extent.
Web apps are future of all mobile and hand held devices as it can provides all services that native apps can do and go further in its capacity.
In the latest version Apple has introduced more features thus it made application development more challenging and iBits is ready to take such challenges and come out as winner.
We have team of top notch iPad developers and can develop any scale of application successfully. We offer our resources to hire for custom development in different packages so you can select the most suitable for your requirements and your budget.

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iPad Mini Application Development

As usual Apple released iPad Mini with lots of advancement and iPad developers like us to face new challenges for advanced development with many opportunities too. Gorgeous team of iBits is ready to serve you with quality iPad development even with affordable rates.

However, iPad Mini is created with aims to beat the Apple rivals Nexus 7 and Kindle for tablets, it is come with plenty of new features and functionality as usual Apple offers in each new version. At a developer point of view there are many challenges in iPad Mini Application development as well as many opportunities also waiting for an experienced and creative developer. Fortunately iBits has everything that needed for advanced development and ready to play with competitive prices without compromising for quality.

iPad Mini Application development at iBits

  • Since the 1st release of iPad iBits is offering iPad development services for our patrons thus, we have created a conductive environment for our developers to get optimum in sense of quality.

  • We have not only developed our human resources but expand out infrastructural facilities too.

  • Our developers are always ready to adopt new technologies arising on the horizon of the industry so they can meet the any scale of expectations of our clients

  • When iOS6 released our developers have got mastery over this new iOS and learn everything encompassing with it, iPad Mini is use iOS6 so our developers have easy to go get with iPad Mini Application development.

  • We are skilled to weave new features of iOS with the hardware features of iPad Mini seamlessly

  • Our approach towards development leads us to create new dimensions in our output and make it unique in all sense

  • We always strive to see the apps at the top of App store or bespoken iPad Mini application development serving decently our clienteles.

  • We especially train our developers to get thorough understanding of the target audience and customize development accordingly

  • We always follow standards of the development process so our outputs come with bug free.

iPad Mini Application development Services at iBits

Other than development aspects we offer following services to our clients:

  • We are available for 24X7X365 as our customer support initiations
  • We know the importance of communication so we always train our developers to make effective conversation with clients and let them relaxed
  • In case of hiring a team we provide project manager to manage everything on behalf of you as well as provide regular reports
  • We let our clients participate in our project management software and make them a part of our team
  • We provide latest facilities to communicate like e-mail, IMs, live chats, etc.
  • We always do an effort to make a long-term relationship with our clients providing post-development services like approval in App store, maintenance, updates, etc.

If you want to make some fortune in App store with iPad Mini Application development or create a custom app feel free to contact us.

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